I have the same issue. I was able to get my package to download via

repositories { // https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59413364/upgrading-from-gradle-5-1-1-to-6-0-1-breaks-kotlin-multiplatform-build jcenter { metadataSources { gradleMetadata() mavenPom() } } jcenter() } dependencies { add("commonMainApi", "com.github.glwithu06.semver:semver:1.0.1") }

but I cannot resolve it in my code, it's like it's not on the classpath
I also tried using

plugins { java } dependencies { implementation("com.github.glwithu06.semver:semver:1.0.1") }

but does not even add it to my external dependencies (although it's downloaded and it's in my modules-2 gradle cache folder along with sources jar, main jar and pom.xml

any ideas?