How to add animated images in the game?

  • I want to add an animated gif/xcf image to my game. how would I do it?

    I tried

    var animatedText: Image = image(resourcesVfs["game_title.gif"].readBitmap()) {
        dockedTo(Anchor.TOP_CENTER, ScaleMode.EXACT )

    but that doesnt works.

  • It is not straightforward. But you can read all the frames of the GIF and great a SpriteAnimation. Thought with a fixed frameTime even if the GIF has different frame times. You could also implement the animation image changing yourself manually. In the case is it enough for you to have a fixed frame time:

    import com.soywiz.korge.*
    import com.soywiz.korge.view.*
    import com.soywiz.korim.bitmap.*
    import com.soywiz.korim.color.*
    import com.soywiz.korim.format.*
    import com.soywiz.korio.file.std.*
    suspend fun main() = Korge(width = 512, height = 512, bgcolor = Colors["#2b2b2b"]) {
    	val frames = resourcesVfs["ed3002fb3b703f38807ddb7da020169d.gif"].readBitmapImageData(GIF).frames
    	val frameTime = frames.first().time
    	val animation = SpriteAnimation( { it.bitmap.slice() }, frameTime)
    	val sprite = sprite(animation)

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