KorGE Tutorial - Writing 2048 game

  • Check out the first KorGE Tutorial with a complete game sample!

    The resulting game is available here. The source code is on GitHub.


  • Thanks for creating this tutorial. For me a fun way to get familiar with KorGE 🙂

    Some feedback:

    • Step 0 is quite short and only setting up, when I reached the end it states: "In the next part of the tutorial, we'll know how to use graphics and text views and how to position them... ... Stay tuned!". At first I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to start with the fun part, but this was already the end. But after some googling I found the step 1 fortunately. I think it would be nice to add a link to the next step at the end. So that the reader easily can continue.
    • In step 1 I had trouble getting the copied code regarding roundRect working, but it looks like you already have updated this part.

  • @RawChid thanks for you feedback! I have updated the Step 0 - added a link to the Step 1

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