Availability of korlibs libraries in npm registry

  • I am using korlib multiplatform libraries in my kotlin mpp project. The js code generated has dependencies (package.json) to below listed korlib js modules. However, all except one are not available in the npm global registry.

    "korio-root-korio": "1.10.2",
        "klock-root-klock": "1.10.3",
        "kds-root-kds": "1.10.6",
        "kmem-root-kmem": "1.10.1",
        "krypto-root-krypto": "1.11.1",

    Kotlin is generating the equivalent js library offline in a local folder. As the above libraries are not available in npm registry, I am manually copying the respective folders of each library to dependencies which is not the right way. Any thoughts how I can refer these korlibs lirbaries from npm/other source in package.json?

  • May I ask you your use-case? Are you consuming them from a language other than Kotlin? Why can't you consume them from the official maven repositories?

  • My final output of the Kotlin multiplatform project is

    1. JS (node module) library
    2. JVM lib (jar).

    All good with projects which using my JVM jar as the pom XML have the korlibs (JVM jars) from maven. The issue is with JS projects using my js library.
    So, to answer your question, YES, I am consuming it from a NodeJS project, which expects the js version of these libraries to present in the npm registry.

    I can see a question already there for klock w.r.t this.

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