Some questions regarding KorGe3D

  • I know that KorGe3D is in preview/experimental but I still got some questions:

    1. Is it possible to assign a color to a material without applying a texture?
      I tried to find out how to do that but I couldn't make it work.

    2. Is there already any way to check for overlaps? (Not physics, just general overlaps)
      I think this probably can be done in code directly but I only know how to do this in Haxe, not in Kotlin/KorGE.

    3. Mipmapping?


  • Also I tried to track a 'cube' which moves in 3D space with a drawn 'rect' in 2D space.

    val cube = box().position(1, 1 ,1)
    val rect = solidRect(50, 50, Colors["#6d95ff3d"]).xy(10,10)
    rect.addHrUpdater { rect.xy(cube9.x, cube9.y) }
    tweenAsync(cube::x[10], time = 3.seconds, easing = Easing.EASE_IN_OUT)
    tweenAsync(cube::y[5], time = 2.seconds, easing = Easing.EASE_IN_OUT)
    tweenAsync(cube::z[400], time = 10.seconds, easing = Easing.EASE_IN_OUT)

    Obviously this didnt't work so well...
    Any idea how this can be done? (That way I could fake clickable 3D objects for now...)

  • Unfortunately at this point, it is super experimental and more a proof of concept. @dhakehurst is making some contributions in korge-next related to KorGE3D: but since that's a contribution I'm not sure how far that will reach on KorGE 2.0. The official plan is to work on the 3D part on KorGE 3.0 but since 2.0 is not released yet, it is a bit early for that

  • I see, no problem. I was expecting that this might be pretty far out there.
    Thanks anyways!

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