Theme of KorGE GameJAM #1

  • The theme of the first KorGE gamejam is:


    Create a game which has borrowings from a classic game from video game history. You are totally free to creatively interpret the original as you like. Make a KorGE clone of an existing game classic or invent your own game with some subtle hints to a classic game.

    Your work will be judged by the following criteria
    “is it fun?”, “how are the controls?”, “how original is the gameplay?”
    “how good does it look?”
    “is the composition of audio, video and user-interaction coherent?”

    Submit your game using the submission form on the game jam's info page.
    Please use the provided gradle-task jsWeb in the korge-package group and zip all the necessary files.
    If you are drawn as one of the winners, we will also ask you for the whole source code.

    Sharing lottery

    The winners of the sharing lottery will be published at the end of the jam.

    A word from us

    This is our first game jam, so if anything remains unclear or you still have any other questions, please use one of our channels to immediately contact us:

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